About Us


“It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos” Mel Odom.

Before we dream of a perfect man, some of us dream of a perfect wedding day and in order for this perfect wedding to take place, planning becomes an integral component.

There are insurmountable number of tasks and obstacles one faces when planning a wedding- to name a few, bridal dress, flowers, astrologer, wine, puja saman, beautician, cosmetics, vehicles and the list goes on and on and on. *Sigh*, overwhelming is an understatement which is why we are here to assist you with planning one of the most memorable days in your life. The website consists of list of vendors for everything you need to plan a wedding from beauticians to photo studios to catering services. The main attraction of the website is the wedding planner tool. In order to make this process more accessible for you, the mobile application which you can download from google play will allow you to receive reminders on appointments and it will definitely make the wedding planning process a tad bit less stressful, we promise J

The website also includes blogs on stories of love, relationship, marriage, family and much more. The website also encompasses information that newlyweds should be aware of including sexual and reproductive health related information such as contraceptives, safe abortion and sexual health. 


The Newlywed project:

With high early marriage rates and low modern method use among youth (<15%), many couples begin thier marriages ill-equipped to plan their families. Unmet need among the adolescent and young is particularly high for spacing with 37.5 % and 23.3% respectively. The period when couples are planning their wedding and are recently married present an opportune time to provide family planning information and services.

Focus group discussions conducted by Marie Stopes Nepal revealed that family planning is not a priority for young couples and the information they receive from their friends/family which may not be comprehensive and/or accurate. A comprehensive targeted communication package and increase in FP uptake will reduce untimed and unwanted pregnancy among newlywed. 

This led to the inception of Newlywed - Subharambha project concept that aims to reach out to young couples who are planning their conjugal lives but may not have necessarily thought of planning their family. The first phase of this project orienting beauticians and newlyweds, conducting fun night events for newlyweds, appearing on national radio to talk about newlywed experiences and attending festivals catered to couples getting/already married (ie. teej mela, wedding expo). 

Below, you can read some of the case studies of those that attended our newlywed events/orientations from phase I: 

A newlywed couple shared, "We have never thought about participating in a program where we would be sharing a great time with each other. Till now we were not able to open up with each other. This event has shown us another side of our relationship. There was a communication gap in our relationship. From now onwards, we will communicate with each other. Thank you for getting us closer."


A barber explains, “I was worried every time when I slept with my wife. We now have four children. There was nobody to explain all these necessary information with me (protection against unwanted pregnancy); where could I have gone? Every time my wife got pregnant I was left with no choice but to accept another child as there was nobody who could aware me about the importance of birth spacing and limited child. Things might have been different if I had found someone who could have told me the importance of Reproductive Health/Family Planning 5 years back. Now, I am struggling economically; life is very hard for me. I had to move to the capital from my hometown in order to earn for the family”.


Newlywed phase II mainly targets the urban newlywed population as they are fairly responsive to the use of technology. We have introduced a website (www.newlywed.org.np) which is accompanied by a mobile phone application that strives to address the gap resulting from lack of spousal communication, comprehensive information and lack of planning culture in Nepal by introducing sexual reproductive health and family planning information as an integral part of the overall wedding planning process. 

The website and the app attempts to instill the culture of planning a wedding as well as a family. The mobile app allows users to set appointments with the vendors for which the user will receive alerts about the appointment. It also encompasses a checklist for wedding planning and blogs containing articles on love, sex, relationship and marriage.