Topics to discuss prior to getting married

August 27, 2015

Communication is always the key to any successful partnership and marriage is no exception.

Here are a few things you should talk about before getting married:

1) Finances: Money is what makes the world go round, and it is definitely something that determines many things in a relationship. It is recommended that you talk about each other’s income, debt and investments so that both of you know the financial standing of one another. This helps keep expectations on both sides grounded, and allows you to better plan for the future.

2) Children: You may think talking about children is not as important at this stage, however it is a topic that you should talk about. Both of you may have different views regarding when and how many children you would like to have. Even if you cannot decide now, bring up the topic so it becomes easier to talk about it later.

3) Work/career: You and your partner should know each other's work and career related goals which may include where you want to work, how much travelling you want to do, etc.  Talking about your goals will manage expectations and how your partner can help you grow in your career. 

4) Religion: Religion may be a topic you want to discuss with your partner. People have different views and beliefs and it's important to be considerate and accepting so you do not offend your partner or his family. 


Happy Talking! :) 


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