10 things to strengthen your new marriage

March 2, 2016

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Newlymarried couples may benefit from the "we're in this together" attitude. Despite thick or thin, you will always have a partner, support, shoulder to cry on and someone to share your joy with. As you share most of your life with this person, it's essential to put in some effort. Following are a few basic ways to strengthen relationship with your partner: 

Excercise together – Being health and fit should be one of your priorities and as we all know it takes a lot of motivation to go to the stay and even more so to continue going to the gym, it's recommended that couples excercise together. This way, you and your partner can motivate each other. As excercise relases endorphones in your body which triggers positive feeling, similar to that of morphines. 

Express love on a daily basis  – Love is like a garden that needs nurturing every day. Be expressive, tell your partner how much you love them and do little things that make them smile. It could be something as small as bringing home flowers or making thier favorite meal when they are feeling down. 

Be your best self – When we feel good about ourselves physically, we tend to give best and facilitate positive interactions to people around us, including spouse. Exercise, eat nutritious food, get adequate sleep and take responsibility of your emotions. Consciously make an effort to give him/her your “best” each and every day.

Start a new hobby together – Doing activities together is exciting when you are with your loved ones. Ofcourse you may have different interests and hobbies, however ensure there are a couple of activities you both enjoy and set some time aside for such activities. It'll be refreshing to spend time pursuing activties you both enjoy. 

Turn off your phone – Yes, we feel handicapped when without our mobile devices, however you need to set aside some time with your partner where you are "switched off" from any mobile devices. In today's time, it's easy to get lost in the e-world without realizing that we are living more through facebook/twitter than in real life. Out of respect and love, partners should not use thier phones all the time when spending time with each other.

Communicate openly with each other - You should be able to opnely talk about anything with your partner. You should talk about your sexual needs, preferenecs, family planning contrceptions, when to have a baby and such important matters. 


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Bhaskar Bajracharya
March 2, 2016

this is an awesome article

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