Ms. no more!

March 9, 2016

The jingle of bells, swirls of incense in the air, the rich, almost tangible aroma of the ghee from sel rotis and the chatter of overly excited aunties and uncles starts to become an addicting chaos of wedding planning and prepping. The nights always ends with dances, drinks and food - three things that are always, without fail present at almost all Nepali parties. Sleep deprived, at times hung over and with feet begging to be rested from all the dancing the night before, the bride to be HAS to go on with the many rituals and preparation that is required of her prior to the wedding. 

Then the BIG DAY arrives and you can't help but feel butterflies for various reasons - you are getting married today (eeek!), you will be moving out of your home, which has been your comfort zone for three decades and into a new home with a new family and a new life, you will also be leaving your family that you've become accustomed to seeing every day and prioritizing them. With a simple trail of red tika, my home suddenly became my 'maita', my family doubled and I became Ms. no longer! 



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Anjana KC
March 9, 2016

I can totally relate!