The conundrum of the last name

March 16, 2016

When planning a wedding, your life literally revolves around the events - mehendi/sangeet, wedding day, multiple receptions. You get so delved in the process itself that it's very difficult to fathom the 'new' life awaiting post the multiple events you're so excited about. 

So you've done the whole shabang of a wedding and suddenly it's back to reality. No longer will you find one of your cousins at your service or people running around to make the bride beautiful. Soon calling your boyfriend 'husband' becomes something to quickly get used to as that's apparently how you should introduce 'him'. The first time i was introduced with my husband's last name, it kind of threw me off. I had never thought about if I wanted to change my last name or not. I know that's what was expected of me, but did I want to? Aren't I already sacrificing so much as a wife - moving to a new home, adjusting to a new family, and trying to be a good buhari? Now I have to sacrifice my name too?! Would the name change please my husband? I decided to ask and thankfully he told me to do "whatever made me happy". So it was decided, i will keep my last name. This doesn't mean I will never decide to change my last name, I may. I may add on my husband's last name with mine, however for now, I'm happy being what I've been 29 years of my life :) 



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