You can NEVER be too prepared!

May 15, 2016

In all stages of life, you come across situations that no matter how much you know or have heard about, you can never be prepared for it until it hits you; marriage is one of them. You have been attending weddings all your life of someone you may or may not care about, all you gather from those weddings are either pictures, check-ins, gossips, dance moves, pretty costly attire, decent food or just good time drinking. Really, that’s what weddings have been all about for me.

As we grow up, we are just supporting actors of this big fat Nepali wedding until it’s someone from your own family/ close relatives or your best friends, then you get to look closely onto the countless elements of the wedding universe. Nevertheless you still cannot claim ‘Hey, I totally know what a wedding is, I was right there!’

When finally the time comes, when wedding comes knocking on your door, you will be surprised by a whole new world that’ll surround you. Don’t be mistaken, wedding is not about ‘one’ day or even about all those days of ceremonies and parties. Wedding starts from the moment you begin envisioning this ‘dream come true’ moment. Everything you see, everything you think, everything you eat revolves around making that day nothing less than perfect.

After months of arrangements, focus and dedication employed for this moment, when the day finally arrives, when it’s actually happening, all you may feel is numb. It’s ok to be numb, it’s okay to realise this is the tipping point, this is it.  

From the role of supporting actor, you suddenly become the lead actor, everybody is looking at you, everybody is around you and you are being guided at every step in the process of taking vows! Wow that’s something you will have least thought about- Vows! The heart and soul of marriage-vows to spend the rest of the lives with each other. Before you even know it, the Pandit will have done all the rituals, telling you to use your right hand to worship this god and left hand to sprinkle water, stand up, circle the groom and sit again and what nots, in this disarray of directions- Walla! You are already wedded before you even get a chance to register what is happening!

All those decorations, mehendi designs, bridal makeup will be least of the things you will be thinking of during that moment. Blended emotions, background wedding tunes, paparazzi moments, watery eyes and the feeling of ‘going away’ and yet the notion of starting a new journey is something you can never be too prepared for.



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