It’s a WO-man’s day

May 15, 2016

Everyone knows that the man in the relationship rarely gets involved in wedding planning, neither does he stress over the venue, clothes, invitations or food. If you think about it, we have it easy. The wedding is ultimately a woman’s day and honestly, I have no complaints, however men also have their moments of anxiety and nervousness.  

Yes, the woman takes care of the logistics and keeps herself immensely busy with indefinite tasks, while men are left to dwell on endless questions that keeps us up at night. Will I be able to make her happy? Will I earn enough to provide her with the finest things in life? Will I be able to afford a honeymoon? Will I be a good husband as I am a boyfriend? Am I even allowed to flirt anymore or does that make a terrible husband? What if I get attracted to another woman?

Then the questions transition into family. What if my mother and wife don’t get along? Am I supposed to choose sides? How can I defend one or the other without hurting either or both of them? How do I take sides between the woman who has been my rock for the past 32 years and the woman that I will be spending  my life with? Such thoughts keep me up at nights. Unfortunately, these are just a few questions among many that I’m not able to share with my woman. Sometimes I wish men could be more involved in wedding planning so we don't have the luxury of time to entertain such thoughts and fears.

For now, I’ll find solace in venting and pray upon the gods that I don’t even believe in to make me strong enough, not for me, but for her, the woman I love and are going to marry.  



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