With togetherness, comes great responsibilities

June 10, 2016

I think I am now ready to take the ride encompassing the traditions around me to become a perfect husband. I know that marriage is not only about the rituals but also a huge responsibility because marriage builds a new relationship not only with one person but with the surroundings. I’ve even asked her regarding our future planning and guess what?! We are ready to embark on the challenge with all that we’ve got. Bring it on! When two people stay together inside the four walls, both needs to be responsible for each other, they need to respect each other’s thoughts, they need to demonstrate gratitude and most importantly, they need to encourage each other’s growth

Marriage is not a one-day show, it is a life time of activities. Are you planning to visit the wedding planner soon? Wait!!! First ask yourself, are you physically ready? Are you financially ready? Are you mentally ready? If you have answered ‘YES’ to the above three questions, then go for it.

Hope you all know about the tradition of Nepalese marriage, if your parents are ready, it is time for you to spend your whole life with a stranger. Don’t you think it’s an old school idea to be ready for marriage based on your family being ready for you to get married? Marriage without proper future planning is like you are getting into a train and not knowing where to go. So, first you need to plan your future.  

Sit back, close your eyes and think! You might be eligible for marriage based on your age but are you ready to take on all the responsibilities that may come with the marriage package?

If you are READY… Happy Marriage J




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