The Launch of the newlywed app and website

May 15, 2016

Sunaulo Parivar Nepal, an implementing partner of Marie Stopes Nepal launched its newlywed website and mobile app on 28th April, 2016. The webiste/app attempts to instill the culture of planning of wedding as well as a family among newlywed couple. The website/app its vendors necessary for wedding planning and allows the user to set appointments with the vendors for which the user will receive alerts about the appointment. It also emcompasses a checklist for wedding planning and blogs containing articles on love, sex, relationship and marriage. 
In order to encourage conversation and to provide comprehensive and accurate information on family planning, "SEXploration" provides information on SRH.

The launch of Newlywed app and website has caught the attention of the local and international media such as the Guardian:


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